Please don’t build on Bowden Howstead fields

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Recently I became aware of plans to build a fire station, on Bowden Howsteads Fields adjacent to the Sheffield Parkway.

This land is Green Belt but what is now classed as “scrub” and to those who do not possess an eye for the natural beauty of this so-called green city it is an area of zero value excepting as a building site.

How wrong they are.

This one small meadow is home to countless types of creepy crawlies as well as amphibians, rodents, bats, reptiles and birds, not to mention of flowers.

When was the last time a member of the planning committee spent some time in the midst of a million wild flowers? I would bet never.

Because this site was chosen by a computer and the computer has no aesthetic appreciation programmed into its circuits the computer only looks at data.

Well, I would ask that the planning committee turn off their computer and come over to Bowden Howstead Fields and spend some time in the wild, watch the butterflies, swat away the midges, observe the bats chasing the moths as light fails and listen to the owls hunting mice on the edges of the woodland.

There are other places to build, perhaps not as optimal but far less precious to those that are not “human” but still matter in the grand scheme of things.