Plans to disrupt Sheffield Lib Dem Conference

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“Direct action” including a blockade of Sheffield City Hall is being planned by protesters opposed to Government cuts in a bid to disrupt the forthcoming Lib Dem Spring Conference.

The plans were agreed by members of Sheffield Anti Cuts Alliance at a meeting to discuss what they would do when the conference takes place between Friday March 11 and Sunday March 13.

Minutes of a meeting held by the group’s committee said: “There was an agreement that more direct action techniques should be used. This could include blocking City Hall, making it difficult for them to arrive at the conference, marches in other parts of town, etc.”

The alliance - made up of trade unions, socialist groups and others affected by the coalition’s spending reductions - are also planning to set up campaign stalls on Devonshire Green over the weekend.

A spokesman for the Lib Dems said: “We absolutely respect the right of people to demonstrate peacefully. During our spring conference we won’t be ducking anything.

“We will be out there, meeting people in Sheffield and making the party’s case. We want to explain what we are doing and why.