Planespotters' anger after Vulcan bomber bypasses Sheffield and Chesterfield

The Vulcan taking off from Doncaster on Saturday
The Vulcan taking off from Doncaster on Saturday
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Hundreds of aviation enthusiasts were left disappointed at the weekend after a promised fly by over Chesterfield and Sheffield of the last remaining Vulcan bomber failed to materialise.

The legendary aircraft was taking part in a farewell nationwide tour over the course of the weekend.

On Saturday the Vulcan performed a series of low flypasts across the northern half of the British Isles.

SLIDESHOW: Vulcan bomber jets off on farewell tour

The final leg of that route - which was published days ahead on the Vulcan to the Sky website - should have seen the mighty aircraft fly over Chesterfield and Eckington, before banking over Mosborough and heading back to Doncaster.

However, the hundreds of people who waited out along this route in hope of a glimpse of the Cold War bomber were left disappointed after the aircraft missed the final leg with no explanation.

Sunday's route, which took in the southern half of the UK, was amended by organisers at the last minute 'to take in parts diverted yesterday'.

However, this amendment didn't include the Chesterfield and Sheffield leg of the flight.

Some of those who missed out took to social media to vent their frustration.

Writing on the Vulcan to the Sky Club Facebook page, Richard Woods wrote: "She came nowhere near the last part of the published route from there (East Midlands Airport) onwards.

"Two counties worth of Vulcan fans got lied to. Shame on you."

Ian Woodcock posted: "Whilst there might be a genuine reason for not doing EM what would be a valid reason for flying the rest of the route?

"They will have been hundreds if not thousands waiting to she her."

Aviation buff, David Pipes, wrote: " I was with over a hundred people at Chesterfield who had been waiting patiently, cameras at the ready, for a final sight of XH558 only to find out via Twitter that the tour had been ended prematurely at Heanor so yet another photo shoot could take place.

"This really is a slap in the face for those living within easy distance of Doncaster who had heeded the requests not to travel there only to find the final leg of the published route had been ignored."

Nairrad Nraef was equally as angry. He posted: "A very poor show today. I'm enraged."

Dan Hopkinson said: "Again Derbyshire gets the bum deal! Not once have we had decent notice of a flight through the valley! Looks like I will have to make do with my childhood memories of her over Riber Castle!"

And Kerry Collins posted: " Very disappointed for all waiting in North Derbys and South Yorks. Sad to say we can't wave goodbye after years of Airshows and support."

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