Plan to beat city obesity

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Laid out on paper the obesity statistics for Sheffield are worrying.

Some 59.9 per cent of adults in the city are overweight or obese according to the Child and Adult Weight Management Commissioning and Procurement Plan report. The document also reveals almost one in four of all pregnant mums-to-be are too fat, something which could increase infant mortality.

And the 32 per cent of people aged 15 or over who are overweight is likely to be an underestimate, the report states – which also reveals one in six reception-age school children is overweight or obese.

The council has revealed ‘ambitious’ plans to cut by half the number of overweight people in the city over the next five years. We’re all for wanting people to be fit and healthy but the council shouldn’t have to be using its time to make it happen. Surely common sense should kick in when the belt has to be let out a notch or two.

Unless there is an existing medical condition that contributes to obesity then taking more exercise and eating healthier food is a decent recipe for beginning to shed the pounds.

We applaud the council for wanting to tackle the issue but people need to take responsibility for their and their children’s lives too.