Pity fountain can’t be fixed

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It was helpful to find from the letter on June 20 from J Robin Hughes, the situation re sewer lamps.

Having seen the Mulehouse Road and Rushdale Road ones I was puzzled at their condition, having seen the picture of Stewart Road.

Thought maybe that one and the Brincliffe Edge Road one come under the Nether Edge Conservation Area.

Would like to add a further item to be saved/restored if possible – the drinking fountain in Beauchief Gardens, Abbeydale Road. These fountains were available in all the Sheffield parks years ago. Do not imagine it could function as a proper water fountain these days because of health and safety etc.

Alongside that, the garden is in a deplorable state.

In the 1940s as I was growing up, I remember many visits both there and Millhouses Park. Even with men and women busy elsewhere, the garden was immaculate. Lovely paths to run around, ducks to feed, trains to watch.

Shame the Hamlet restoration couldn’t have embraced the garden too; after all access for fishermen to the back edge of the dam is through the garden.

J B Martin (Mrs)

Greenhill Avenue

Sheffield 8