Pipe dream

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When those Tory defectors won back their seats under a UKIP banner, it warmed my heart. It is so good to know that some Tories can feel shame for what their party did in not keeping its promises and making further promises about EU reform which are constitutionally impossible to achieve.

I am a little disappointed however, that similar integrity has not shone forth from Labour. If their handful of MPs with integrity think that they will be able to change their party from within, they will be sadly disappointed.

It would be my ambition to see the Tories, Labour and Liberal Democrats all turn to ash and for us to end up with a two party system again. UKIP versus the Liberal Party (Yes, it still exists and bears little resemblance to the Lib Dems.) Ah, well, maybe just a pipe dream.

Les Arnott

Athelstan Road, S13