Pet owners emotional plea to help find dog ‘stolen’ from home in Sheffield

Bella is now home safe
Bella is now home safe
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A heartbroken dog owner has issued a plea for the safe return of her pet after it was ‘taken’ from her back garden.

Catherine Schneider. aged 38, of Gleadless Common in Sheffield has said she is ‘distraught’ that her dog has gone.

Bella, a three-year-old white and fawn Chihuahua, has been missing since 9pm on Wednesday, June 20.

Catherine said: “I’ve been really overwhelmed by the stress of it all - it’s making me want to cry.

“I’ve been up every single night trying to get the word out through social media and posters trying to get her back.

Catherine was sat in her kitchen eating when she heard barking from her garden and because her neighbour has 11 cats, she thought nothing about it.

Owner Catherine Schneider with Bella

Owner Catherine Schneider with Bella

“I went outside and the gate had been unlocked, I rushed out and saw a young lad running off and then I saw a blue Ford Fiesta speeding off not long after.” Catherine added.

Catherine, a shop assistant at Asda on Manor Top, had adopted Bella and inseparable friend Boo from a rescue shelter 10 months ago.

“It’s really affected Boo, she won’t walk I have to drag her out of the house and she struggles to eat.” Catherine added.

Over 1,600 people have joined ‘Please Find Our Bella’ Facebook group and people across the country have helped out sharing posts.

Bella is now home safe

Bella is now home safe

Catherine said: “I’ve been so overwhelmed by the support people have been showing me.

“I can’t explain how much I love them for helping me out - they don’t have to do this and they still do it anyway.

“When I get Bella back I’m going to personally thank them all, they’re real heroes and I can’t tell them enough how much I appreciate it.”

Bella has white/fawn fur and a pink scar on her nose.

If anyone has any information, contact Catherine on 07857122007.