People should realise our lifestyle is unsustainable

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Liberal Democrat councillors continue to be two-faced when they criticise the Labour Council for attempting to curb the excessive use of motor vehicles in the city centre.

They are well aware that the aim is to try and reduce emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere to try and fulfil our obligations called for by the United Nations.

The Liberal Democrats are also committed by their national conference to support the United Nations call for to reduce our carbon emissions.

They must also be aware of the recent local figures of 500 people per year dying prematurely due to respiratory failure here in Sheffield.

The council’s own environmental officer’ have been reporting each year on the continued rise in the city’s carbon emissions.

Councillors have some very difficult choices to make over climate change and people have to realise that our current lifestyle is unsustainable.

We cannot carry on the way we have done over the past 30 years or so, the party is well and truly over.

City councillors have to take a lead in helping to both educate the public and genuinely seek appropriate alternative ways of creating a locally sustainable city.

Instead of vote-catching gimmicks, we urgently need sound and sensible e leadership if we are to overcome both the economic and environmental challenges we face.

Ken Curran Snr

Sheffield Branch C0-operative Party.