People need to be aware of disruption

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I just wanted to warn Supertram users about the disruption with the maintenance works. I live in Hillsborough and I use the tram every day. At the weekends the tram has not been running between Hillsborough and Shalesmoor. This means a bus operates which links up to the tram at Shalesmoor.

I caught the last tram to Middlewood from the city centre on Saturday. However, the bus that is supposed to wait at Shalesmoor didn’t.

Luckily, after being there for about 30 minutes with no Stagecoach staff offering help, another driver agreed to take us as far as Malin Bridge. Passengers for Middlewood had to walk the rest of the way. According to another passenger this also happened the previous Saturday.

I have complained to Stagecoach and await their response. However, I think that people need to be aware when using the late night trams.

Jane Dakin