People just don’t care about where they live

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Litter is a terrible eyesore for residents and visitors alike in Sheffield.

A recent article by Richard Marsden was spot on.

People just don’t care about where they live. My home is on Gleadless Valley and there are a couple of families with small children

These children have never been taught to take any kind of litter back home with them.

I’ve seen these parents sat out on the beautiful grassed areas with their offspring and just not bothered when their children bring items of rubbish from the bins and scatter it all over the grass but in turn the parents leave empty lager cans, cider bottles, and cigarette packets without a thought about the environment.

My children were taught to put sweet wrappers in their pockets and any drinks can be brought home and put in the bin.

In turn their children do exactly the same, I am proud to say.

Even now I pick litter up outside my home every single day.

I have to say, unlike the lady from Norfolk Park who said in Richard’s article that the council is neglecting the suburbs, on this estate that just isn’t true.

Damon Pass from Sheffield Homes and his teams work tirelessly keeping this estate clean.

Litter pickers are out at least twice a week and if you have a problem with any kind of fly-tipped rubbish or more litter, it just takes a phone call and Mr Pass sends out a team to remove the rubbish.

Where I live it needs litter pickers every single day because of the children and the uncaring parents,

I just hope that when the council are firmly back in charge of the council houses they may show a bit of gumption and warn these litter bugs that the rest of us will not stand for it.

Just imagine how much could be saved out of the council’s budget if people stopped throwing rubbish on the floor. Litter pickers could just be out once a week and perhaps they could be better employed elsewhere.

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* My husband and myself went on Tuesday May 22 to the beautiful Derwent Dams visitor centre.

We were appalled at the amount of rubbish left by picnickers – disposable barbecue sets, papers, nutshells and empty five litre bottles of water.

Why go to somewhere lovely and leave it ugly for others to find and clean up?

Surely only people who love these quiet lovely places go there, so why leave them in such a state?

Do they look back when they’ve had their fun and feel proud of how they’ve left it?

Perhaps it’s time to bring back the Keep Britain Tidy campaign and help make us proud of our great nation.

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