Pensioners need to unite

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Twenty-five years ago concerned pensioners set up the Sheffield Pensioners Action Group in response to the attacks on their living standards by the Thatcher government.

They have been campaigning and lobbying for Sheffield pensioners ever since.

However, it is clear that under this government, times are going to be very rough for pensioners once again and the work of SPAG will be more vital than ever. I am sure the Star readers realise that the ‘grey vote’ will become more important to all politicians whether we introduce alternative voting or not.

We need an organisation prepared to campaign on our behalf.

We need as many pensioners as possible to join us, particularly those with trade union experience, so contact our SPAG secretary Jackie Milner at Floor 2 in the Castle Markets and help defend the hard-won rights of all pensioners.

Peter Price, chair, Sheffield Pensioners Action Group