Penny Arcade petrol

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I SHARE the frustration of Paul Webster, who wrote about ‘Dick Turpin’ petrol stations.

A penny won’t break the bank but we are being ripped off with the price of petrol from the start. How would we feel if someone dipped into our pocket and took 1p?

Some petrol stations can make upwards of £4,000 a year in this manner.

While there are many decent petrol operators delivering fast, accurate fuel, there are the culprits. I call them the Penny Arcades.

Here is how they do it.

If you are aiming for £30 remove your trigger finger at £29.90 just for a couple of seconds then very slowly, gently squeeze the trigger and keep your eyes on the numbers as they start going up to your desired amount.

At some stations in the blink of an eye, the numbers on some pumps jump from 2p to 4p and again from 6p to 8p while other operators’ pumps go from 3p to 5p and again 7p to 9p. So if you’re not watching and try to stop at £30 you have gone over by at least 1p.

This phenomenon will occur between each 90p and £1 of every pound registered. So, when you reach 98p, remove your finger from the trigger for a couple of seconds and then very gently touch it until you hit £30.

It works every time.

If every motorist does this each time they visit a petrol station, we can be content in the knowledge that although we are still being bled dry, the owners of these stations might have to rethink their holiday destinations. Florida for three weeks? No chance. Try Southport for a week.

Today as I was travelling back to Sheffield, I called in at Cromwell services on the A1. Wow! This is one for the advanced player, their numbers go from 2p to 6p and to 9p in the blink of an eye. I only just beat it, but I am well practised at this now.

Back in Sheffield and driving up past Sheffield Arena I noticed that the noose and gibbet, designed for highway robbers, is still there. This is a cage situated on top of a tall pole and inside the cage is a figure of a man…

Hmm, makes your thoughts run wild, eh?

Anyhow, best of luck Paul.

Jud Beighton, Frecheville