PCC invited to visit group

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The reason the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) visited the ex-servicemen’s group Rotherham MCVC was simply because we invited him!

We did so out of courtesy to offer our very grateful thanks for the grant which we had secured with the purpose of helping those ex-servicemen whose lives have been affected by their service to our country.

Graham, in his letter of May 11, is very much mistaken in his notion that the grant was spent on a ‘holistic therapy practitioner’; only about 10 per cent of the grant was allocated to this and it was extremely valuable to those who took part in it.

The provision of a therapist was to provide an opportunity for individuals to try new forms of complementary treatments.

Some of our members are experiencing the discomfort and trauma caused through suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and no doubt any relief from this is invaluable to support them in their recovery.

Rotherham MCVC meets each Friday, 10am to noon at VAR, Coke Hill, Rotherham S60 2HX, and all ex-service personnel can be assured of a warm welcome.

Graham may be interested in visiting to hear the opinions of those who feel they benefited from their experience of these complementary therapies and hear about our project in more detail.

Lt Col RA McPherson MBE