PC thanked for saving child’s life at Hillsborough

Outside the Hillsborough stadium.
Outside the Hillsborough stadium.
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A South Yorkshire Police officer who saved the life of a 12-year-old boy was thanked for her actions at the new inquests into the Hillsborough disaster.

The jury heard from former PCAlison Schofield, who along with a colleague resuscitated the boy and was able to revive him.

Stephen Simblet, speaking on behalf of some of the bereaved families, said: “Some of the families that I represent have asked me to say to you that they are grateful for the efforts that you made and they wish there had been more like you when it came to those efforts and that you prevented perhaps a 97th family being in the position that they are in.”

Mrs Schofield told the court when she went to the terraces at the time of the disaster she saw a lot of people on the pitch and then saw the crush on the other side.

She said looking in the pen there were people that were obviously unconscious, adding: “It would be difficult to say whether they were actually dead at the time.”

She stayed with the young injured boy, keeping him alive with basic equipment and first-aid skills, and when the first ambulance came onto the pitch she ran across and fetched a paramedic who took him to hospital.

She said an off-duty doctor put a sticker on the boy’s back to show he was a priority, but added she was not sure there was a formal triage system to prioritise patients.

She told the jury: “He remained unconscious for the whole of the time that I was with him, so obviously he needed transfer to intensive care for further support.

“Once we’d transferred him to the gym area, we just expected the ambulances to come and assist us.”

Mr Simblet asked if other casualties were put down in the gym and not attended to.

She replied: “That’s right. A lot of the casualties were actually transported by the fans to the gym area.”