Paying more now dad’s dead

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Can anyone help me to understand why my father’s council tax is costing more now he is dead than when he was alive?

The council was kind enough to give us six months exemption after my father’s death but his house has not been sold as we are renovating it.

While he was alive he was allowed the single-person supplement but now he is dead we have to pay the full amount for services he can no longer access.

I only feel it is fair to pay something as we could need fire or police if the property was damaged but surely it is unfair to expect us to pay the full amount when the property is empty.

When I enquired about the fairness of this to the council tax staff I was told that’s just the way it is.

Has anyone else experienced this or is there a loophole or regulation I do not know about?

Joan Craven, Oakworth Close, Halfway, S20

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