Pay tuition fees through taxes

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The day before the General Election Nick Clegg spoke to a crowd on the City Hall steps. It was full of students who seen him and Paul Scriven at their campuses pledge ‘we will vote against tuition fee rises’.

A few weeks earlier Mr Clegg had been in the Peace Gardens filming the ‘no more broken promises’ election broadcast. Ten months later and delegates arrived to a ridiculous Welcome to Sheffield sign to run the gauntlet of protesters as they found their way through a ring of steel.

Why was £2 million of precious police budget wasted on having to protect the Lib Dems? Because Nick Clegg made promises to young people that he swept aside after the election. And because the same delegates at the conference had voted for the Lib Dems to go into a coalition.

Tuition fees should be scrapped and university education funded by progressive taxation. Cuts are not inevitable - they are a clear choice for a government whose actions are not being restrained by the Lib Dems.

Eamonn Ward, Green Party