Pay through the nose

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So Tom Lees thinks the SWFC fans “should not expect too much too soon, (The Star, August 5).

Well Mr Lees, we do expect plenty and straight away.

Why? The price hike that’s why, the new owner is making people pay Priemer League prices before a ball is kicked in this second rate league.

A brand new pitch, a fancy screen, a few cheap pies and pints a hour before and after games won’t get us where he says we are supposed to be going, ie the Priemer League .

Mr Lees doesn’t have to pay £40 to £50 per seat, but a lot do, because for whatever reason they can’t buy a season ticket to reduce the cost of matches.

The SWFC fans expect plenty and quickly, but it seems that the new owner’s view is pay through the nose or buy a season ticket - will this work?

We’ll see.

JW Vintin

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