Pay the price for over-indulgences

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I have banned myself from looking into any mirrors at home and have banished the bathroom scales to the back of the cupboard. The reason for this – because as usual I have definitely over-indulged this Christmas time.

All tight-fitting clothes have also been abandoned, and instead I have opted for my most loose-fitting garments for both work and pleasure.

Sadly the reason for my shame is my own entire fault. Not once did I hear myself saying “no” to the extra glass of wine or plate of cake as it came my way. And I even heard myself saying “yes please” a number of times for extras helpings of both.

That coupled with the dressings galore I seem to have liberally plied myself with over the last couple of weeks have definitely taken their toll on my body.

The other night I watched the grossest programme about the fattest woman in the world – who was over 74 stone and looked a lot like Jabba the Hutt. I found myself thinking “that’s me, I look similar to that”. The horror made me hastily switch channels.

But despite my whingeing, I seem not yet to have taken myself in hand. New Year has come and gone and I have failed in the first few days of it to make any inroads into changing my ways.

I had wanted to quit drinking but I found myself agreeing to “just the one” glass of red wine (which quickly turned into two or three) just hours after the midnight bells had chimed their last note.

And on my return to work I found myself Hoovering up the remains of the contents of numerous tins of sweets left in the office from before Christmas. That, coupled with the delicious cake and clotted cream my colleague presented me with at lunchtime, is certainly all taking its effect on my figure.

Admittedly carrying a number of babies to full term will have an effect on your shape, unless you are Posh Spice. For the last decade I have ballooned up and down as I have grown with each of my three children.

However, it would just be too easy to blame pregnancy for my size. After all, I managed to lose a significant amount of weight last year and was able to fit into clothes I hadn’t worn in years. This was a result of a terrible dose of Swine Flu which maybe a rather radical way of losing weight and not one I would necessarily recommend! But in the past year I have single-handedly managed to put this weight back on again. Not only that, but I am bigger now than I was before I was ill. So I know it to be as a result of overeating, drinking and lack of exercise.

But the worst thing is that the other half eats and drinks all the same rubbish as me but never seems to put on even a centimetre. He is always the same shape and has been since he was a teenager.

Despite this I still gave him a membership for a gym for his Christmas present. This wasn’t because he needs to lose weight, but more because he is one of those weird people who really loves to train.

He has already planned out which days of the week he will be working out. Even the eldest has decided she will be joining him on his swimming sessions.

Now I have no excuse – I must get signed up for the gym myself. Or at the very least I must stop eating anything which is not wholesome and healthy.

But getting back into shape doesn’t necessarily mean hours on the treadmill at the gym, as it’s now easier than ever to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Sheffield City Council is promoting over 30 free health walks right across the city, so there’s sure to be at least one in a park or green space near you.

If you are interested in the health walks and would like some more information contact the Activity Sheffield team on 0114 203 9335/7 or email, alternatively visit