Passengers with no respect

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IN respect of First Mainline public transport, particularly in Sheffield, I would like to express my growing concern and dismay with regard to the behaviour and attitude of a significant number of passengers who use this service.

To the detriment and annoyance of other socially- responsible commuters, they completely disregard the rules and regulations which are clearly displayed on the windows of the bus.

Feet and shoes on seats, no eating or drinking, casually discarding rubbish.

It would appear that a significant number of people have absolutely no respect or consideration for others and do as they please without fear of confrontation and sanction.

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the driver, who should be alert to these selfish and irresponsible acts of anti-social behaviour and deal with them accordingly in the interests of decent and responsible people who cause no inconvenience to others.

Mr J Duckenfield, Sheffield S5.