Party unity is always put before wellbeing of people

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The tragedy unfolding in Rotherham highlights yet again how we are constantly let down by our elected representatives of all parties at both local and national level and how political party unity is always put before the well being of the people.

You need a fuller CV to collect trolleys at a supermarket than you do to be a councillor or an MP. For those all you need is to make sure that your subscriptions are paid up to the local party and you can now work your way towards getting your snout in the trough.

These clowns who must struggle to tie their own shoelaces never had the intelligence to question what was happening or if they did refused to get involved for fear of a backlash from the party leadership.

We as a country must have more representatives in the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the European Parliament than countries much bigger. Why do we need so many?.

At this time when family members are being made redundant as businesses downsize or posts are lost in reorganisation why haven’t the number of MPs, Lords and MEPs been reduced as well? In a few weeks my MP will send a circular round consisting of about 20 lines of why I should vote for him and his party. If he was applying for the trolley collector’s job he would have to declare how he tried to fiddle a passport for a friend, or he may be asked at interview whether he thought it above board that his civil partner was made his researcher rather than advertise it in The Star to give one of his young constituents a chance.

In view of that I would not see him as trustworthy enough to collect trolleys, let alone sit in Parliament.

I believe that this country’s success is down to the hardworking majority of its people not because of its politicians and political parties.

P Robb