Parking firm demanding £150 in restaurant visits row

action walsh''KFC on Queens Road
action walsh''KFC on Queens Road
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DID Chris Smith really stay at KFC for six hours?

Or did he grab a bite, go home, have a nap, meet his girlfriend and return?

Pictured is Chris Smith, who as been fined twice for overstaying in the KFC Carpark.

Pictured is Chris Smith, who as been fined twice for overstaying in the KFC Carpark.

Could it be that the cameras at the KFC on Queens Road in Sheffield made one long stay out of his first arrival time and his second departure time?

Chris reckons he is another victim of a system which can result in two-time visitors receiving a demand for £150 for apparently exceeding the 75-minute maximum stay.

Chris, of Manor Park, said: “There must be a fault - I wasn’t at KFC for six hours, I was at home having a nap. They even want £10 to produce evidence but I’m not sending a penny.”

His case follows that of Bernice Jivan who also received a ticket after two visits to the store almost two hours apart.

She says that after buying food she went to a family member’s house and returned later after picking up her kids.

Bernice came in to The Star with a letter from the Halifax confirming the transactions.

But she has now received a letter warning she risks a County Court Judgement against her for non-payment and bailiffs could be sent to her house in Sandygate.

It arrived after Parking firm Civil Enforcement of Liverpool insisted it had photographic evidence proving she stayed beyond the maximum allowance.

ACTION Desk sent Chris’s parking ticket number to Civil Enforcement and KFC urging them to investigate, but KFC insisted Chris had to ring the store.

A spokeswoman for the KFC franchisee in Sheffield, said: “We have implemented a 70-minute time limit at our Queens Road restaurant to ensure our customers can always park.

“We are sorry if Mr Smith has been mistakenly fined and if he would like to contact the store with details of his visit, our staff would be more than happy to look into the situation, and if necessary ask the operators to review the case.”

We will keep you posted.