Parking fee was a real dampener

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On Boxing Day, my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter, who was three a few days previously, attended the evening performance of Cinderella at the Lyceum Theatre.

The tickets were a Christmas gift from my granddaughter’s great grandma.

The weather was dreadful, it was pouring with rain, so they decided to park in the NCP car park next to the Lyceum Theatre to save getting too wet and also to enable them to get away quickly after the performance.

They had a wonderful evening and each and every one of them thoroughly enjoyed the pantomime. It was a truly wonderful first-time experience for my granddaughter.

At the end of the evening they returned to their car and were absolutely astounded to be charged £11 for the ‘privilege’ of parking there for approximately three hours 15 minutes.

In the current economic climate and given the fact that most families are struggling to make ends meet, this is money they, and many others I am sure, can ill afford and it really put a ‘dampener’ on the whole evening.

It is absolutely outrageous that NCP car parks are allowed to impose charges of that magnitude; where is the justification?

Why don’t the city council service these car parks and charge a more realistic price instead of allowing national companies to exploit people in this way?

I suppose you could argue why park there in the first place but, given the circumstances, the weather, the time of day and of course the convenience, it was the most sensible thing to do with a three- year-old. Obviously, there is a very high price to pay for the convenience. It is certainly not a way to encourage people to visit the city centre.

The following day my son-in-law did email NCP, expressing his anger at being charged this amount of money only to be told that the price reflected the facilities available.

They also said that the tariff for parking was clearly displayed.

Had our family known the price they most certainly would not have left the car there.

It is interesting to note that a work colleague of my daughter who attended a similar performance a few days later was charged £15. I can’t confirm how long she stayed but this is truly disgraceful.

This certainly is a lesson learnt and perhaps next year they will attend the pantomime in their home town of Rotherham where evening parking is either free or certainly a more reasonable price.

Sue Barber, Brinsworth, Rotherham