Parents to shape primary school places

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There seems to be a lot of PR going on around the issue at the moment, it’s almost like they are trying to hide the fact the numbers show what a huge mistake they have made this year.

The ‘bulge’ class at Dobcroft, has left the school managing 40 out of catchment children, while the council still face very vocal appeals from the 13 children who didn’t get a place at their catchment school of Ecclesall. In fact the bulge class has left a mess and no solution.

Of the 40 out of catchment children coming to Dobcroft this year only 18 couldn’t access a catchment place at their local school. Additionally Dobcroft had 10 spare places without expansion, as did some other local schools. Hardly the crisis they predicted. Plus they now have to manage what happens to the potential 40 out of catchment siblings.

In addition to that if the ‘bulge’ class had been at Ecclesall instead of Dobcroft, only 7 children would have been left unable to access a catchment place. These 7 children would then have been free to access the spare places at either Dobcroft or Ecclesall. A much better solution.

The workshops the council are holding are now coming up with ideas to make it possible to expand Ecclesall, which previously the Council had said was impossible. This is too late for the 13 families let down this year, and I suspect they may have something to say about it too!

Sarah Jones

by email