Paper man is truly an angel who oozes kindness

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May I offer my congratulations to Ryan Lewis for winning the “perfect” paperboy award and for receiving the bicycle he has always wanted. Very well done Ryan and many happy years of safe cycling.

What refreshing reading this story was from all the doom and gloom that sadly fills our papers these days.

Whilst giving Ryan the accolade he surely deserves may I also praise our local paper man and give him our sincere thanks for delivering our daily paper and The Star every day in the most appalling snowy conditions, never once letting us down.

One morning just a few months ago I saw our neighbour’s paper man. I asked him if he had any spare papers, but sadly he didn’t. “Why, what are you wanting?” he said.

I told him the daily paper and The Star. I couldn’t believe what he said next: “I’ll fetch you them from the local shop.”

Now to say I was shocked was an understatement. He has got our order and delivered them ever since.

What a paper man, he truly is an angel.

I want to thank him on behalf of my neighbour who will also echo my sentiments.

He is called Paul Whitehead and comes from Hillsborough but delivers for Baxter’s Newsagents in Crookes.

He just oozes kindness, it is a beautiful world we live in, such a pity this cant be said for a lot of people who live in it.

Barbara Fee

Guildford View, S2