Pampering day out aids teenager Amy’s recovery

Martina Bradshaw, from Help A Child Have A Chance, with Amy Kennedy and her younger sister Lucy Kennedy.

Martina Bradshaw, from Help A Child Have A Chance, with Amy Kennedy and her younger sister Lucy Kennedy.

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A BRAVE teenager who is on the road to recovery after being confined to bed with a rare illness will be celebrating her newfound freedom with a fun day out thanks to The Star’s 12 Days of Christmas appeal.

Amy Kennedy, aged 15, was confined to her bed for three years while suffering from complex regional pain syndrome.

It left her in constant agony and unable to leave her bedroom.

But after undergoing pioneering medical treatment in America, Amy was able to enjoy her first evening out since the illness struck, celebrating her birthday with a meal and sleepover with friends last month.

The teenager will now be going on a family trip to the cinema and a pampering afternoon with transport and a meal, courtesy of Sheffield charity Help A Child Have A Chance.

The 12 Days of Christmas campaign offers needy youngsters across the region the chance of receiving a share of £10,000.

Nominations flooded in following an appeal and over the next week the winners are being revealed.

Amy, from Wheatley Hills, Doncaster, showed the first symptoms of her illness when she complained of terrible pains in her right knee when she was seven.

She used crutches and then had to resort to a wheelchair, but when the leg was put into a plaster cast the youngster developed allodynia, or extreme sensitivity.

Her grandmother Ann Angel said: “Amy didn’t get out of her bed until we raised £50,000 to take her to Texas for treatment.

“Since coming home she has left her room and went out for a birthday meal. What she would like to do now is get out more.

“It would be wonderful now Amy is on the road to recovery to see her face light up. She loves makeovers and massages to her hands and face to relax her.”

Amy, who has an older brother Sam, 16, and younger sister Lucy, nine, was given a treatment in America which involved electrical pads being placed on her body.

She has continued the therapy with a machine she has brought back from the USA and although she still suffers from pain it has been reduced to the point where she is finally able to get out of bed.

About 11,500 people in the UK suffer from complex regional pain syndrome. It can affect any area of the body.

n See tomorrow’s Star for another 12 Days of Christmas winner.

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