Owls fans column: Getting whipped is all part of the game

City's Yaya Toure gets to grips with Owls Jacques Maghoma
City's Yaya Toure gets to grips with Owls Jacques Maghoma
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Any Sheffield Wednesday fans who surf social media will know Lord Hillsborough.

After the fourth Manchester City goal on Wednesday night he likened our Etihad experience to visiting a dominatrix.

The first half being all teasing and the second half we got slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slapped. 5400 Wednesdayites also paid for the privilege of this experience.

Football is like a kinky fetish. Where there is pleasure on the flip side there is almost certainly pain.

We’ve swung between the threat of going into administration, getting promising ownership, winning promotion with Dave Jones, the promise of even better ownership, not winning for two months with Dave Jones and now the pleasure of 50 Shades of Stuart Gray.

Year on year we’ve made slow but steady progress, punctuated with painful experiences.

With each season the happiness and pleasure has returned to Hillsborough and with that comes optimism.

Manchester City showed us that no matter how far we have come, we are still a long way from where we would like to be.

We can wallow in that thought or we can take pleasure in how we have developed. We’ve had spankings before and we’ll no doubt have more in the future.

 Our opponents on Saturday, Cardiff City, know exactly how we feel.

With an owner like Vincent Tan testing the fans boundaries of how much you will suffer for the love of your club, Wednesdayites can be safe in the knowledge that football isn’t always about pleasure.

Hopefully on Saturday we can wipe out the memory of the 45 minute whipping we received from Manchester City and return to our safe league missionary position.