Overwhelmingly valid objections to HS2

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In reply to your request for comments about residents’ worries over the attempts by politicians to bulldoze the HS2 proposal through against the better judgment of the majority of UK citizens.

Please see blogs on my website at www.andystan.weebly.com of August and September 2013 entitled, ‘Everybody Dump The Dinosaur’, ‘Railway Rant Rivals Ronald’s Raid’, ‘Lapses laps us £Lbillion’ and ‘Train Toll Tolls Train Touts instead’.

These are not only overwhelmingly valid objections to HS2 but also an inevitable and vastly superior alternative transport system is being publicised there.

I think most people would be grateful also if the Yorkshire Post newspaper would stop trying to encourage the supporters of this scheme and just stick to reporting current affairs, instead of trying to take the helm.

Andrew Staniforth

Neill Road, Sheffield, S11