Outrage for kitten killer

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A Barnsley woman really should be staring a prison sentence after torturing her pet kitten in the microwave.

Laura Cunliffe, 23, cooked the insides of the animal for five minutes, scorching its feet and boiling its insides. The defenceless creature endured an excruciatingly painful death which was drawn out over 90 minutes.
 Cunliffe’s warped explanation for her evil actions were that the four-month-old kitten had had the temerity to ‘attack’ her goldfish.
 Understandably the reaction from Star readers, and in particular our Facebook followers, was unanimous in its condemnation and outrage, with many calling for nothing short of a prison sentence as punishment.
 Here are some of the comments you posted on our Facebook page this week: 
 Joyce Irene Justice: ‘Words cannot say the hatred I feel for this Nasty, spiteful woman who did what she did to an innocent kitten.’
 Philip Bennett ‘Should be locked up and never allowed to keep animals for life.’
 Ross Millar ‘Funny how we put animals down for attacking and killing a human yet we can’t do the reverse here.’
 Kel Fairweather ‘Everyone on the same estate as her inc me are all disgusted by what shes done.’
 Richard Kinsella ‘Is she for real? What a complete nutcase. Send her to the loony bin and never come out. Absolutely discusting.’
 Justin Breedon ‘On top of whatever well deserved punishment she gets, She should be monitored closely by social services for the rest of her life and never be allowed to be alone with children. People who can do that kind of horrifying act to a kitten are only one step away from doing it to a child.’
 Elizabeth Gethin ‘Sick! Completely disgusted and horrified. The poor kitten would’ve been in agony. How can anyone do such a thing?’
 Lynn Carnall ‘I saw this reported in the Daily Express online last week. It’s unbelievable what she did to the kitten. The poor animal must have suffered terribly.’
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