Outcome of train tickets misery was first class

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Michael Greaves was angry when he failed to get a refund on train tickets to London.

He usually books using the East Midlands Trains website, but his login details weren’t working so instead he called Sheffield Railway Station direct.

A few minutes after ordering the £106 first class return ticket, his ill mother took a turn for the worse.

Realising he was unable to travel the following day, he called back using the WeQ4U app on his phone and asked for a refund.

Michael was given an email address write to – customerservices@swtrains.co.uk – which he questioned and was assured that it would go through to the East Midlands Trains customer services.

He had several failed attempts to send an email. Each time the email came back saying invalid.

The following day, before his train was due to depart, Michael called again and was told his tickets were non-refundable and there was no recording of him phoning the previous night.

He called back a few minutes later and was told nothing could be done because by that time he should have been on the train.

As a last resort he turned to Action Desk for help.


Within a few hours of Action Desk contacting East Midlands Trains, Michael had a full refund and two complimentary first class tickets.

“That’s brilliant, wonderful news. Thank you so much,” he said when he was given the good news.

A spokeswoman for East Midlands Trains said: “We are very sorry to hear about this issue. As soon as it was brought to our attention, we arranged for Mr Greaves to receive a full refund and we have contacted him to apologise directly. We are looking into what went wrong on this occasion.’’