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Owls Tom Lees
Owls Tom Lees
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A friend of mine once read poetry to Tom Lees.

It was more gimmicky limericks than Elizabeth Barrett Browning but he did try to woo him at a Leeds United Supporters Trust evening. It remains one of the most toe-curling pieces of footage I’ve ever seen. God only knows what Tom Lees thought.

My friend was in the minority in voicing his adoration. Most Leeds fans were delighted when he left the club. The majority felt he had stagnated after a promising start and the rest thought he was average, even ‘garbage’. Not exactly the romantic language used to describe Tom Lees, the Sheffield Wednesday player.

When it was announced that the Owls defender had a hamstring injury, there was a collective intake of breath from the Wednesday faithful. It’s testament to the defender’s impact on the team that he has been missed having only played a handful of games for the club.

As Michail Antonio is proving at Nottingham Forest, a change is as good as a rest.

Confidence is key to footballers, especially when they have been used as public scapegoat by their manager, like Tom Lees was by Neil Warnock. Antonio may claim the same with Stuart Gray.

Under Gray’s tutelage, Lees is far from the ‘rabbit in the headlights’ character he has been portrayed to be. Stuart Gray told The Star that he has an ‘outside chance’ of playing on Saturday at Elland Road.

I hope he does start to show how far he has come in such a short space of time.

There was a young man from Leeds

Whose fans were difficult to please

He came to Wednesday

And started to play

Now nobody blames Tom Lees

Sorry Tom, no more terrible poetry!