Our NHS is run by managers who don’t know what to do

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Having worked for the NHS, specifically mental health, it is interesting to observe politicians puzzle on how/why to fund it. None of the political parties are minded to fund it adequately. Even the seemingly credible Burnham is promising safety of the NHS in Labour’s hands which is misleading, as Labour were in charge when ‘efficiency savings’ began.

The NHS is being run by people who don’t understand it, whereas it should be led by practitioners in order to deliver best service.

Firstly, there are too many ineffective managers. Unfortunately those who should go into management are too keen to stay at the front line because they are skilled at delivering good quality care.

Managing is a precise skill that cannot be taught and regretfully most managers aren’t, and will never be, sufficiently skilled. It is vital the NHS has skilled managers, and it doesn’t.

Most managers aren’t actually contributing, they spend their time in meetings, avoiding management, performing tasks that only hamper good service delivery. Fair enough, but these ineffective public servants get £40k +. We need to have in existence some method where these useless managers can be moved to areas of effectiveness, i.e. the frontline. It isn’t possible to down grade them (we should be looking at a mechanism for this), but at least it would be better that they are overpaid practitioners than overpaid ditherers.

How do we save money ?

The way the NHS has been run for decades would guarantee it would be expensive and underachieving.

Answer - invest in enough practitioners, social workers, nurses to do the job only they understand, properly. This model would work also for teachers and police and other public service areas.

Geoff Wilson

Foxhill Road, S6