Our city is now in chaos

Sheffield city skyline showing city centre'Picture by Gerard Binks
Sheffield city skyline showing city centre'Picture by Gerard Binks
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It seems as though things in our town have finally hit rock bottom.

The transport situation seems to be the catalyst that has finally broke the camel’s back. Every journey into town from where ever one lives by car, bus or tram is a living nightmare. This situation has grown tenfold since the new bus route and timetable changes leading to thousands returning to using their cars.

A journey from the north of the city to the centre going through Hillsborough to the town centre now takes over an hour at any time of the working day.

This situation has been made worse by the constant closing of major roads or other well-used routes.

A prime example is the situation around the hospitals with both Glossop Road and its side streets shut to all traffic.

I can see that work needs to be carried out on these routes but why do so many roads at the same time?

This has led to traffic jamming back in all directions from the Brook Hill roundabout as far as the city centre in one direction and Hunters Bar in the other?

We then come to the situation that is the grand city centre rebuild with further plans once more rolled out showing us the latest grand scheme that has been hatched in the Cambridge Street area.

This must have cost hundreds of thousands paid to architects and planners over the last 20 years.

Still there is not a brick laid, leaving only boarded-up and empty historical buildings being left to rot after all all the hot air that has been omitted from the council and their planners.

To top it all the major food shopping area around the Market area has been left to stagnate and deteriorate beyond belief cumulating in the demolition of a perfectly situated and loved Market area, an area that will now join the other failed grand schemes that have already been outlined in this letter.

Was it Shakespeare who once said, “when I Love thee not then chaos has come”?

Perhaps he was on Sheffield Town hall planningcommittee.

Judd Newton