Orreight mi ol…

'Ay up! Thee o'reet?
'Ay up! Thee o'reet?
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I ENJOY Whitworth’s cartoons – with the way he notes daily happenings and plucks comedy out of them.

But, being a stickler for correct reporting of Sheffield grammar, I have to pull him up on this one: Thee o’ reet?

This is never said by Sheffielders in pub, football ground, market, factory or street.

He’d say “Atha(ar) orreight?” or “Tha(ar) orreight?” – the developed form of ART THOU.

Also, though light is pronounced leet and night is pronounced neet, fight is not pronounced feet but feight and right is not pronounced reet but reight.

The Arctic Monkeys, of course, “gorrit reight” and Sheffield youngsters text each other OR8?

Orreight mi ol.

Don Alexander, Sheffield S7