Organisation of home refurbishment abysmal

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I don’t know what kind of response you have had, from your article about decent homes in The Star, Tuesday, October 29. From my point of view it has been horrendous.

Council houses in Ecclesfield are some of the last to be done.

I pay £95 per week for my three-bedroom property and I have been in the house,35 years.

My home was started on August 23 and is still not completed.

The organisation, from liaison officer to managers in charge has been abysmal.

There have been days, weeks, when nothing has been done and other days when workmen have been tripping over one another.

Properties have been started at different stages, none of them fully completed and communication has been terrible.

The £16,000 per property quoted is very debatable, kitchen units are not excellent quality, central heating adequate but not top notch.

I am a pensioner and the stress levels have been terrible.

Last week I filled a complaint form in and a lady has phoned me to say she is on it.

No one at any time has come to check on any of the work done.

I will be back in touch with them again to see when my property will be finished.

I cannot get my house back to normal until all the jobs are done and workmen have finished coming in and out. The house also needs redecorating from top to bottom.

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