Oppose Labour if they return to a favoured areas policy in the city

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I AM sorry that in some areas we lost very good and hard working Lib Dem councillors, who had been great community activists.

I AM sorry that in some areas we lost very good and hard working Lib Dem councillors, who had been great community activists.

People came out to vote for us in Sheffield to continue with a policy of managing the city for all, not a ‘favoured areas’ policy; to continue the work of improving educational attainment for young people; to improve recycling and keep the weekly bin service; to look after local people and keep council tax down; to continue to be business-friendly to help local businesses grow and bring more jobs to the city.

Liberal Democrats have shown we can reduce spending without making swinging cuts and high job losses, like Labour councils have. We also have left the city with £39m in reserves, more than when we came into power.

Labour ran a campaign complaining about cuts (that they created) and having virtually nothing to say on how they would take the city forward. None of has seen their secret plans and wonder if they will do a Labour Manchester and cut, cut, cut and blame everyone but themselves, using the council as a political battering ram against the government for short term political advantage: Betts and Blunkett tactics of the 80s!

Despite the tough financial legacy of Labour, the country still has to borrow £400m a day to clear to their mess, Lib Dems in Sheffield have done all we can to protect front line services and minimise job losses.

We understand local people’s nervousness and I assure you that Lib Dems in London will not allow it to be a Tory Government of the 1980s. It will not forget Sheffield and other northern cities. In a few years, people will see that. But for some the jury is still out and that is why people still feel anxious.

Locally we now go into opposition. I can assure you that my colleagues and I will do all we can to work to see this city go forward and improve opportunities. We will work with Labour when we can to improve the city. However, we will hold them to account on your behalf when they do things that won’t help the city. We will oppose them if they try to return to a favoured areas policy, if they shut businesses out and start wasting your money.

Coun Paul Scriven, former Leader of Sheffield Liberal Democrats

Sheffield Green Party would like to thank more than 18,000 people who voted Green. It was a Labour landslide but voters in Central ward decided to retain Green councillor Jillian Creasy as we came from 687 votes behind Labour in 2010 to defeat them by 193. People opted for the only party that opposed Lib Dem cuts. Central voters realised that four more years with Jillian Creasy looking after them was their best option.

Eamonn Ward, Green Party election agent

COUN Scriven still can’t admit that he quit because his party leaders lied. Clegg and Co were punished by us, the people of Sheffield, for the betrayal of election promises. When the General Election comes around, they will suffer the same demise.

Jasmine Tripier, Hallam.

The election result, a clear backlash to the coalition, was brought about by young people disenchanted with the Lib Dems. Twelve months ago, young people and particularly students were the driving force behind their support. This judgement is evidence that the party’s actions in Coalition have not reflected their manifesto commitments and seriously damage their ability to be perceived as a trustworthy alternative.

Harrison Carter, UK Youth Parliament Sheffield

thank you to Rossington voters who elected me as their new Labour councillor. However, contrary to your report ‘Labour ‘babe’ takes a seat’ (May 7) I do not work for Caroline Flint MP.

Coun Hilary McNamee