Oppose home closure

It seems that the powers that be have decided that they cannot justify the cost of keeping open Birch Avenue Nursing home. But what price can you put on someone's home, because that is what it is for the elderly that live there?

I cannot begin to describe the effects this will have. To residents this is a safe environment, full of staff to take care of them with compassion and dignity.

I am fully aware that cuts have to be made within the NHS but I'm appalled that once again the elderly are the ones to suffer...and at a time when people are living longer.

Most of these people have worked hard all their lives and paid into the system. Most have gone through the war and some even fought for our country. They brought up children to be productive members of society, who contribute to the state. So why do we continue to treat the elderly as if they have no value?

By saying they have to leave their home because they're a drain on finances is an insult, considering the amount of tax and national insurance they paid over their working lives and considering there are other areas the NHS could cut back on, like the drugs and alcohol programmes where the majority of people will have not paid a penny into the system, or instead of building new units for teenage mothers and babies. These could easily be run out of a GP surgery.

There are too many managers on good money who are not needed. But once again the elderly are hit when they are at their most vulnerable.

At a meeting to discuss closure, the first thoughts of the staff was what the implications would be for residents.

They didn't ask about themselves and their future and given the current climate with the job situation, that shows what a dedicated team we have. Money cannot buy the kind of dedication and commitment. Not can it buy you the level of peace of mind and the love that is to be found in that home.

I urge everyone to make a stand now before another good quality care home is closed and yet more elderly people have to suffer.

Mark Quinn

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