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Sheffielders with an interest in the archaeology and history of their city should be supporting the Friends of Wincobank Hill and the residents of Sandstone and Beacon Roads against the planning application to build dwellings in the vicinity of Wincobank Hill Fort and the Roman Rig Earthwork.

We have housing built up close to the hill fort already. Why must we encroach further on this ancient and mysterious landscape?

Ron Clayton, S6

Send Toby to NZ

the Beeb should send Toby Foster and his family on an all-expenses-paid trip to New Zealand, so he can come back and tell us what he thought.

My son went to NZ but it didn’t appeal to him and he’s now in Oz, as are some of his friends who actually emigrated to NZ, but Christchurch is still shaking every day and it’s a bit scary!

I hope the NZ press apologise for their jibes about Sheffield. Maybe their touchiness is a legacy of the earthquakes.


why are our Kiwi cousins moaning about what Toby Foster said about New Zealand? It was a joke. Get over it.

PE, Woodseats

A perfect location

Are we to become just another city of shops and boarded up shops? Sheffield has a heart and a proud history, also a wonderful steelworkers sculpture to prove it. So don’t let us allow Meadowhall to sweep this aside.

A spot for the sculpture near the Winter Garden or Crucible would be perfect.

Graham Wright