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Reporting crime

Do you feel like you’re liiving in a city wit h the lowest crime rate in 25 years?

That’s the he adline figure we’re reporting today but is that really most people’s experience?

Statistics can be a blunt instrument.

Is there an elment of us being more tolerant of certain behaviours – or rather we put up with it because we don’t think anything will be done about it if we do report it?

And let’s not forget that the reporting system itself in some forces – including South Yorkshire – was called into question only very recently by HM Inspector of Constabulary.

While most recorded crime is on the way down in most areas, sex and hate crimes are on the rise.

The reasons for this, say police, are in part down to the ease of reporting such matters and the increased confidence victims have in the way cases are handled.

In a safe city like Sheffield, most people’s experience of crime will be offences like vandalism. Petty perhaps, but something that affects quality of life so dramatically.

The police have a tough job made worse by budget cuts and are stretched very thinly. But for people to notice a difference on the streets and in society, they need to feel confident to report all matters of concern.