OPINION: Your Star Your Say!

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Good sense prevails

It’s not often that the phrase “victory for common sense” springs to mind when talking about council-related matters.

Too often red tape seems to get in the way of making the most straight-forward of decisions.

But people power and a listening ear have combined to ensure that a lifeline service for people on the Manor and Wybourn estates can continue.

The new restriction on what mobile shops can sell did seem like a sledgehammer to crack a nut – the nut being the competition the mobiles give the corner shop.

But sensible councillors have realised that there aren’t many corner shops on these estates, so Harold Mortimer’s 30-year business threatens no-one and serves many who rely on his daily rounds supplying bread and milk along with fruit and veg.

This is good news for the many residents who, for reasons of poor health or economic disadvantage, can’t just jump in the car and head to the supermarket to stock up on necessities.

Councillors’ willingness to listen to appeals and special cases too is reassuring.

The needs of the people the council serves must come before adhering slavishly to the rule book.