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Challenging food poverty

Could you take up the £1 a day challenge?

Many of us will happily spend three times that on a lunchtime sandwich - and will splash out more to add a cake and a drink too.

Imagine trying to eek out a £1 over the whole day. Ruby Smith is giving it a go to raise awareness of food poverty and to fundraise for children’s charity Unicef.

It’s a tough challenge, as Ruby’s spartan daily diet shows; she’s not likely to be popping out for a quick over-priced latte. A treat will be teabags to make a cuppa at the end of the week. Meat and fish, the staples of many people’s diets, are a luxury when spending is this tight.

But the situation that Ruby is putting herself in voluntarily, for a month, is a way of life for many people across the globe. Increasingly food poverty is a concern across places like South Yorkshire. When cash has to stretch a long way, it’s no wonder that families rely on cheap food and the staples that will fill without necessarily providing the nutrients a healthy body needs.

Visiting the increasingly number of food bank is the only way many families have enough to eat in South Yorkshire in 2014.

If you’re one of the lucky ones, share your good fortune by donating a tin or a packet.