OPINION: Yobs need reporting

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Residents in a Sheffield suburb are right to be worried about reports of youths who appear to be carrying what looks like firearms.

And now worried families are demanding urgent talks with police after pictures emerged showing youths carrying what appear to be guns.

The residents of High Green deserve swift answers and action because the thought of guns on the streets is terrifying.

It is important to make clear that the type of firearm doesn’t lessen the fear of someone who may come into contact with a person carrying one.

Whether it is imitation, an air rifle, BB guns or the real thing there is no way of knowing the difference unless you’re the one holding it. The youths brandishing the weapons are playing a dangerous game.

Police take matters such as this extremely seriously and have already expressed their concern at the reports.

Today’s front page and the accompanying video on The Star’s website – www.thestar.co.uk/video – go beyond what is termed as ‘anti-social behaviour’.

Those who are taking part in this need reporting to the police so the weapons can be found and taken off the streets.

There is no place for this in South Yorkshire.