OPINION: Windows to new worlds

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Learning changes lives – and not just young lives either.

Education can be amazing whatever your age, and you’re never too old to take on a new challenge.

Tomorrow is the start of the annual showcase for such opportunities, Adult Learners’ Week, and we feature some of the many options available in this area today in a five-page special feature.

It’s the ideal time to look at the choices available before enrolling for a course to start in September.

But why take the plunge?

Returning to learning is a daunting prospect for some, especially if your memories of school days are not exactly positive.

Our advice is to go for it – you never know where those tentative first steps might lead.

Perhaps you feel you just didn’t do yourself justice at school, that you could have done so much better – well, it’s not too late to do something about that.

Maybe you’re stuck in a career rut, bored and frustrated with your lot. A new qualification could change everything.

And don’t forget the thrill of tackling something completely new – you’re keeping the old grey matter buzzing and bright.

There are few better feelings!