OPINION: Why should you pin on a poppy?

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Bill Stewardson, the father of former Sheffield soldier Alex Green who was killed in action in Iraq, rightly pointed out that many of us are guilty of forgetting about the brave service men and women who risk their lives everyday for their country until another life is lost.

The Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal helps to bring soldiers’ sacrifices and dedication to the forefront of people’s minds in a less sombre way.

It gives them a chance to not only pay their respects to those that have fought and died, but also to help support those who are still fighting today.

So when you drop a pound or two into the poppy-coloured pot, where does it go?

It might be help servicemen to manage their debts or to help advise veterans on compensation claims.

It might even help to provide a holiday to a Royal British Legion seaside break centre for a family in need of time-out.

Former front-line medic John Pearcey and his family in today’s Star benefited from the latter and provide a moving example of how pinning on a poppy can give hope and help to those affected by their conflict experiences.

Rachel Parry