OPINION: What’s next for the city?

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Now that the dust has settled, and 4.5 tonnes of litter has been removed, the question is: what’s next for Sheffield after the morale-boosting Tour de France.

There’s no doubt the world’s biggest annual sporting event turned into the biggest party Sheffield has seen for years – from the hilly villages in the west through to the, well, hilly inner-city communities in the east end.

Wherever you go people are still talking about it.

Some have offered constructive criticism, others, such as The Star’s Diary writer Colin Drury, have completely altered their opinion about the Tour and now would love nothing more for it to return.

The likelihood is that the race won’t be back for a while but in the meantime there are plenty of other events to get together with friends, relatives and thousands of other people.

Let’s pick out just two.

The popular Tramlines music festival returns to play across venues in the city centre from July 25-27.

There’s no need to put Sheffield on the music map – it’s already there – but Tramlines adds a real exclamation point.

And if you need another cycling fix there’s the Sheffield Grand Prix in the city centre on July 23.

Both events are superbly organised.

Let’s get behind them.