Opinion: What do you think to the ‘bedroom tax’?

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In Thursday’s Star I am appealing to a Sheffielder – perhaps several – to step forward and tell others exactly what the so-called ‘bedroom tax’ is doing to them.

Essentially the tax affects those in social housing, who it goes without saying are almost certainly living relatively modest lives. But still, we’re all in it together, we’re told, so everyone has to pay up.

Figures published by The Star on page two tomorrow suggest that over 4,000 households are affected by the extra levy (which it is claimed is actually the removal of a subsidy).

Either way, that’s a sizeable chunk of people who are going to have to find an extra £100 or so a month.

In tomorrow’s paper I give an example of a widow who is struggling to pay the extra that Sheffield City Council are asking for, for the right to stay in the family home.

But she’s just one of many.

There are people annoyed that the council has £30m in uncollected debts. They feel isolated, afraid and alone – but I’m convinced they’re not alone.

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