OPINION: We’re down but not out

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It hasn’t been the greatest of weeks for Sheffield’s reputation. First the half marathon fiasco and then news the city is in the shadow of Leeds and York when it comes to places to visit in the UK.

But enough is enough. The Star is first to call people to account when things go wrong but we also want to be first in the queue when it comes to defending the city.

True, it doesn’t help Sheffield’s cause when it is on the national news for cancelling its half marathon.

However, the abiding memory of last Sunday will surely be the way Sheffielders rallied around the runners and provided drinks and water to keep them cool around the 13-mile course.

If you were visiting Sheffield for the race then, yes, you’d have shaken your head at the organisation of the event but you’d have been impressed by the people’s spirit.

And maybe that ‘hidden’ attraction is one of the reasons why the city was absent from the UK category of the Travellers’ Choice awards for Destinations, announced by TripAdvisor for the fourth consecutive year.

Is it the fact that it is the people that make Sheffield special to the majority of us who live here?

But we’d like to think that the city has more to offer than just that – impressive though that is.

Sheffield has plenty for visitors to see or do. The city’s theatre district in Tudor Square is envied by many other places across the country.

There are fine museums at Weston Park, the Graves Gallery and the Millennium Gallery. There is the superb independent Showroom Cinema and a host of music venues such as the Leadmill, Plug, Corporation, the O2 Academy and the Motorpoint Arena, which get people visiting the city in their droves.

And of course there’s Meadowhall, which has stood the test of time as a shopping mecca for millions of people across Yorkshire and the Midlands.

Sheffield has its faults and it does seem to be in a period of transition.

But let’s not be too down on ourselves. We’re a proud people, and as Sunday showed, we have a lot to be proud about.