Opinion: We need more like Michael

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Regular tram passengers may well recognise the man smiling on our page three feature today.

Conductor Michael Clark is known by many for his cheerful ‘welcome aboard’ greetings to passengers, and has won a customer service award three times in a row.

The modest grandad believes he does nothing more than anybody else – but the passengers who nominated him for the prize know differently.

A smile or kind word, advice and help when needed, make a massive difference to everyday life.

And Michael has vowed to always keep improving, despite early starts which mean he can get up at 3.30am to be on the very first service out.

Customer Margaret Ball, 74, of Owlthorpe, said: “He always says ‘hello young lady’ which you appreciate when you are a senior citizen.

“I should imagine his awards are very well deserved because you always feel better when he is around.”

Sheffield is known for being a friendly city with a warm welcome extended to visitors.

Michael sums up that reputation perfectly.

Congratulations to him and we hope it is an example that other customer service staff can follow in the future.

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