OPINION: We’ll not let yobs win

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I had my say on this earlier this week, but I feel compelled to allow the victims in this case to have the last say. I refer to the arson attack upon a minibus; a minibus that scores of pensioners relied upon to give them just a little bit of joy.

It was used to ferry them to and from home to events where they would see their friends and enjoy something resembling a normal life. 
 Lord knows they deserve it, and for some of them it represented the only time of the week when they would get to see anyone at all. In fact, I was told some of the members of Gleadless Valley Community Forum had done ‘nothing but cry’ since they heard that Sheffield’s finest had taken it upon themselves to put a match to the £20,000 Transit that was given to them by big-hearted ‘Secret Millionaire’ – Chai Patel.
 So when I began reading their war cry: ‘WE WILL NOT BE BEATEN BY YOBS’ I was all but moved to tears myself. To the OAPs of GVCF, I salute you. We’re not just talking those lucky beggars who have just become eligible for their bus pass, either. There are nonagenarians among them, so for them to stand tall and vow not to be beaten by the scum that reduced their beloved lifeline to ashes warms my cockles. 
 This was a gift from someone who cared enough to enhance a group of people’s lives out of the goodness of their heart. That gesture represented all that was good about the human race. The demise of said bus is the antitheses of that goodwill. 
 Thank you to the members of GVCF. 
 If you’re reading this, and there’s a kettle on the boil – as well as a slab of cake – then give me a bell because I’d like to come along and meet you, if only to hear you say what can’t be published about the morons that took away your minibus.