OPINION: United we stand

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Sheffield has been labelled a divided city.

But was it a divided city that stood in solidarity with people of all faiths, and none, the world over to remember the victims of the Paris massacres?

In a largely peaceful and orderly act of support, our community stood as one to say Nous Sommes Charlie.

Our city community shared the same revulsion at what happened in France and the same commitment to preserving free speech; there was no division.

The divisions in our city are between the haves and have nots in terms of money, access to opportunity, education and health.

We have some of the richest council wards in the country in affluent Hallam - and some of the poorest in Burngreave. One city, two very different places.

The Our Fair City campaign annouced today aims to redress some of these inequalities.

Sheffield children, wherever they live in the city, should have the best education. Older people should have access to the best health care, whatever their postcode.

Sheffield’s best should be available to all its citizens.

There may be divisions in our city, that we need to address but one thing is certain. Sheffielders share a big heart.