OPINION: United for the future

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If ever a town has taken a kicking, it’s Rotherham.

But today its leaders unite on our front page, determined to move forward together.

This is a hugely significant moment.

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United, the town can move forward with purpose. And the fact that the leaders are willing to stick together to achieve this, gives us hope.

Of course, we cannot forget the lessons of the past. The abuse scandal may well get worse before it gets better, but at least there is now an honesty and an openness in dealing with its horrors.

If the authorities work together, helped by the people they serve, the hope must be that this type of scandal cannot happen again.

And on the day we elect a new Police and Crime Commissioner, that must be the aim. Elected officials are there to serve the public and when that stops, the post becomes toxic.

Now is the moment to determine that Rotherham must move forward while acknowledging the severity of the problems created.

Today can mark the start of a new future and we owe it to the victims of the past to give hope and a purpose to the hard-working people of a town which deserves better.